Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Northern Lights Library System Author Tour

I am pleased to announce I will participating in an author tour of northern Alberta libraries. I hope if you're in the vicinity you'll come out and say hello.

Monday October 2, 2017

Rochester Municipal Library 3:00 pm
Redwater Public Library 6:00 pm

Tuesday October 3, 2017

Radway and District Municipal Library 2:00 pm
Newbrook Public Library 5:00 pm

Wednesday October 4, 2017

Thorhild Library 1:00 pm
Bonnyville Municipal Library 6:30 pm

Thursday October 5, 2017

Wainwright Public Library 1:00 pm
Chauvin Municipal Library 4:00 pm

Saturday October 7, 2017

Alice B. Donahue Library and Archives Athabasca 11:00 am
Morninville Public Library 2:00 pm

Tuesday October 10, 2017

Edmonton Garrison Community Library Lancaster Park, AB 2:30 pm
Boyle Public Library 7:00 pm

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Tofield Municipal Library 3:00 pm
Viking Municipal Library 7:00 pm

Thursday October 12, 2017

Vegreville Centennial Library 10:00 am
Innisfree Public Library 3:00 pm

Saturday october 14, 2017

Cold Lake Public Library - South Branch 11:00 am
St. Paul Municipal Library 3:00 pm

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Plamondon Municipal Library 10:00 am
Stuart MacPherson Public Library Lac La Biche 2:00 pm

I will be speaking on a number of topics about the craft of writing and about my books in general.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Wonderful New Book from Penny Lockwood. Ghostly Visions,a dual offering of Ghost For Lunch and Ghost for Rent.

The lovely and talented Penny Lockwood is my guest. I know you'll enjoy getting to know her better and exploring her newest offering Ghostly Visions.

Wendy Wiles attracts ghosts, first in Ghost for Rent, when her parents separate and she, her brother, and mother move into a haunted house. The story begins in Portland, Oregon and quickly moves to small town, Scappoose, Oregon. Miserable at leaving her friends and beloved Portland behind, Wendy meets her neighbor Jennifer who tells her the house Wendy’s mom rented is haunted. After two of them appear to Wendy, the girls find themselves tracking down the mystery of who the ghosts are and why they "live" in the Wiles' home.

In Ghost for Lunch, Wendy’s friend, Jennifer, moves away, leaving Wendy sad until new neighbors and their restaurant in St. Helens bring ghosts back into Wendy's life. She, her brother, and their new friend discover the two cases are connected. Once again, the young sleuths use clues and lots of brainstorming to figure out who is haunting the restaurant.

Ghostly Visions is available direct from the publisher 4RV Publishing LLC for $15.99 including shipping and handling. It can also be ordered from your local bookstore with the following ISBN numbers: ISBN-10: 0982642326, ISBN-13: 978-0982642320, or through Amazon,

I've had the pleasure of working with Penny and I can tell you she is an excellent author and a fine person, to boot. If you have young people in your family or in your circle of friends be sure to augment your library with all of Lockwood's works. You won't be sorry. Money well spent! If you're looking for some summer romance reading, be sure to get your copy of Love Delivery, Lady in Waiting, and Mirror, Mirror.

Penny Lockwood (Ehrenkranz) has published over 100 articles, 75 stories, a chapbook, and her stories have been included in two anthologies. She writes for both adults and children. Her fiction has appeared in numerous genre and children’s publications, and non fiction work has appeared in a variety of writing, parenting, and young adult print magazines and on line publications. She is a former editor for MuseItUp Publishing, 4RV Publishing, and Damnation Books. Visit her web site at http:// pennylockwoodehrenkranz.yolasite.com and her writing blog at http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com/.

4RV Publishing has joined her two middle grade novels (Ghost for Rent and Ghost for Lunch) as Ghostly Visions. She recently released Boo’s Bad Day with 4RV Publishing and has one other children’s picture book under contract with them: Many Colored Coats. She has three romances published by MuseItUp Publishing: Love Delivery, Lady in Waiting, and Mirror, Mirror. Her short story collection, A Past and A Future, is available through Alban Lake Publishing and Smashwords.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have an exciting new opportunity!

I've been offered an exciting new opportunity by my publisher, Books We Love. A terrific author who we have lost, Pat Dale, is being kept alive by his literary executor. Pat's wife has agreed to let me revamp and re-release Pat's work. Currently, The Last Cowboy is available on Amazon and where good books are sold. This is the first of the re-releases.
Here's the cover by Michelle Lee. You can click on the cover to be taken to a buy link.

The next book will be The Teddy Dialogues. Pat has created a wonderful character. Teddy is dog with a unique voice and personality who lives with his person and takes fixing up her love life into his own paws. He has a pararmour of his own as well, much to the dismay of the poodle's owner. Pat's original short story will form the basis for the dialogues and I will create two or three stories gleaned from Pat's work. It promises to be an entertaining and excellent read.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fun Interview hosted by Steve DeWinter of Old Dog New Trx.

I just had the pleasure of being a guest on Steve DeWinter's YouTube channel. It's called Old Dog New Trx and features authors from all walks of life. I had a blast and the hour just flew by. We talked about my books and the writing process as well as the amount of research that goes into writing a well grounded and accurate story. I won't go on and on about it, I'll just sit back and let you watch the interview and make up your own mind. Although I do think I look like an evil elf, the camera is not my friend. No not at all! LOL

Click here to view the interview.

If you're looking for great Christmas gifts, my books are available at Books We Love. Just scroll down, click on a cover and it will take you to the book store.

Don't forget to pick up the five Christmas novellas which just released on November 1, 2015. My contribution is A Longview Christmas. It's Christmas Eve at Mary and Luke Cassidy's and match making Mary is in fine form. Don't miss out on the hilarious goings on.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author TC Booth!

TC Booth

Rave Reviews Book Club

Spotlight Author

TC Booth

Teen Bullying

I rocked big hair and spandex as a teenager. My vocabulary

contained the phrases like totally, no duh, phsyc, take a chill

pill, and I’m sure. Gotta love the 80’s. Things have changed

since then, but one constant the remains a constant among

generations of teens is bullying.

While writing To Be Honest, I researched how bullying today is

different from the days I remember.  The main difference I found

is that today rumors and nasty comments meant to humiliate you

can be posted online for all to see.

Both boys and girls experience bullying.  There are

differences in the way they're bullied, but the outcome is the

Here’s what I found out:

 Boys are more likely to be bullied physically, but girls

are more likely to be bullied by rumors or being left out.

 Girls bully to feel a sense of importance and control.

 Boys usually get bullied by other boys, whereas girls tend

to get bullied by both boys and girls.

 Girls experience bullying on school property more often

 81% of teens say it’s easier to bully someone online than

 70% see frequent bullying online

 90% of teens who have seen bullying online say they ignore

 Girls are more likely to fall victim to online bullies than

The good news is that there is more of an awareness of the

seriousness of bullying today. Dosomething.org is an excellent

resource for teens who need support. My character Starla had a

good support system otherwise she may have needed to check it

To learn more about TC Booth or to purchase her books, please visit:

Amazon Author Page: http://bit.ly/TCBooth

Website http://www.tcbooth.com

Twitter handle: @BoothTammi

Friday, October 9, 2015

FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Justine Manzano

A FantasyCon Mini-Interview with Justine Manzano, not to be confused with Megan who you all met yesterday. Justine is a Reader, Blogger and Author, and I think these ladies might be sisters. If so, they are a talented family.

Q: Are you a Reader, Author, Blogger, or Artist?

A: Reader, Author, and Blogger. As for art, I'm strictly a stick figure gal.

Q: What first drew you to fantasy?

A: I love to escape. The real world can be difficult. The challenges can wear you down. But in fantasy, the challenges can be overcome with a little bit of magic, a little twist in the way the world is perceived, a little bit of strength you wouldn't normally have. I love fantasy because with it we have the opportunity to explore things we never would have the chance to in our regular lives. Things we couldn't even dream of. I was a fantasy fan before I even understood what it was. I just loved making things up that could never possibly happen.

Q: If you were trapped in a fantasy realm with no escape, where would you want to be and who would you want to be your best friend?

A: Does it have to be an existing realm, or can it be one I've made up? Something with unicorns and phoenixes and elves, where nobody is strange and everybody is accepted. Katniss would be a helpful hunter, I suppose.

Q: Have you written any stories? If so, please tell us about them.

A: The Order of the Key, my YA Contemporary Fantasy is due for release in 2016. It follows a girl, Jacklyn Madison, as she joins an organization designed to defend people from inter-dimensional creatures and close rifts between dimensions. However, that organization is not what it seems, and Jacklyn finds herself becoming a weapon in a battle for leadership between the group's leader and her idealistic son.

The Order of the Key is Book 1 of the Keys & Guardians series. I am currently outlining Book 2 and have plans for the story to span 6 books.

For more information on Keys & Guardians, as well as my other various projects, like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/justinemanzanoauthor

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's "SPOTLIGHT" Author Blog Tour with"SPOTLIGHT" Author, Peggy Hattendorf!

How Did I Decide To Write My Book?

The notion of writing a book started about nine years ago with a concept of a beautiful and wealthy young woman who flitted around the world socializing in the circles of the international elite from the worlds of business, politics, sports, fashion etc. She was the “jet setting” consummate “party girl.” As I continued to conceptualize my intended protagonist – the character fell flat and I couldn’t break through and write about her seemingly frivolous existence. She was shallow and one dimensional.

The idea of writing a novel was shelved for a long time, as I surmised if I was bored with the character my potential readers too would lose interest. I still brainstormed ideas – but I couldn’t write through my blockages. Frustrated and fraught with self doubt, I figured the whole book writing process best be left to highly creative individuals.

But I was still motivated and something continued to gnaw at me – providing a glimmer of hope that maybe this wasn’t just a pipe-dream or unrealistic pursuit.

It was still long in coming but finally I had the striking realization - to recast my main character. While not abandoning the idea of a female lead, diligently I set out to craft the character with more depth and substance. She would be armed with a pedigree education starting in Swiss boarding school and culminating with advanced degrees from Harvard and Wharton. A step into the business world brought her to the family founded multi-national worldwide conglomerate, Barrington Holdings International. Groomed for this since she was a small child – it was all she ever knew. As the only child of Elizabeth Matthews Barrington and Jonathan Robert Barrington, she’s the presumed heir apparent. With a defining career in the makings, she labors with the tensions and discord of the contentious relationship with her father. Jonathan as the antagonist provides the perfect counterpoint. This entangled relationship spills over into her personal life as well as she continues not only to meet but exceed all his expectations. For the first time, I gave my character her name - Christiana Lynn Barrington.

This was pivotal in deciding to write – Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty. From that point forward, characters and storyline started to be defined and the book was formulated.

I welcome your comments or questions and am reachable at:
Author – Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty
Travel Editor – hers Magazine

Author Bio:
Peggy’s earlier careers helped cultivate and enrich her interest in writing. In her executive positions in the non-profit field, she had the opportunity to compose technical and operational handbooks for staff and volunteers for a number of name recognized organizations. Her management experience guided her to a multi-decade second career in the travel industry highlighted with the co-founding of a nationwide marketing consortium and independent contractor network. With over 5000 members, generating $180 million in annual sales, she wrote daily travel updates and news briefs distributed electronically to the membership. Today, she maintains an ambitious travel schedule and is the Travel Editor for hers Magazine where she writes travel feature articles and Hotel Review blog posts. In addition, she still serves on a number on non-profit boards. Her background with upscale and luxury travel products served as cornerstones in the character development and storyline of her first novel – “Son of My Father – A Family Dynasty.” She is currently working on her second book.

Author Contact:
Twitter: @peggyhattendorf
Facebook: www.facebook.com/peggy.hattendorf
Website: www.peggyhattendorf.com