Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ACK Social Media is going to be the death of me!

Just this morning I see a note saying I should sign up for Pinterest. I mean, for heaven's sake, I could spend the whole day just updating my social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, the MuseitUp Publishing Blog, my own blog, my website and a host of other places I have a presence. Does it never stop? It would seem not.
Not to mention that once I get the hang of posting and tweeting and Lord knows what else, they go and change the dang thing. If something isn't broke please don't 'fix' it. Seems like ever few months one site or another gets a 'new look', whether its a new timeline or a new feature which I can now access but will never use, something is always changing. I suppose maybe it is the way of the world now, a whole generation has been raised with the expectation of instant gratification. No longer do we have to wait for the mail to bring us news of loved ones, email does that. Pictures and images appear instantly on our computer screens, no waiting to have them developed or to arrive via snail mail. Weddings and family gatherings are at our fingertips and with Skype and other similar media we can be there virtually.
Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this, per se, but there is something to be said for learning patience.
To get back to the point, however, I'm just not sure how many more social media sites I can juggle. But I do have to admit, the thought of one of my book covers going viral is very appealing. So, perhaps I will jump on the Pinterest  band wagon and try not to fall off and be ground into dust by the ever quickening wheels of social media. See you on FB, twitter, Triberr, etc  Don't you think it would be cool if one of my covers went viral??? Oh, be still my beating heart!



  1. Hi, Nancy,

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I like your site. Bil and I started one recently to celebrate our new partnership with MIU, but we won't work on it or promo it until our pub date grows closer. Don't know if this site will allow me to post, since my Bon Franks name is not registered with Google.

  2. Hoo boy! It worked! Okay, here is our new blog site, just a beginning like your own:

    "See" you soon, Bon

  3. They forgot to tell you that Pinterest is addictive. I thought I'd mosie on over there and suddenly 2 hours is gone. Had fun though.

    Hi Nancy. I'm joylene. You don't have a followers button. You need to go into your dashboard by clicking on design at the very top of your page, chose layout on the left, then click on add a new gadget. Scroll down until you find FOLLOWERS. After you install the gadget, you can decide where you want it on your page. If you already know this, forgive me, but you did mention you would like to have followers. Let me know when you get it installed and I'll come back and join. You can find my blog on the link below. Thanks!

    Joylene Nowell Butler, Author

    And remember, Nancy, it's one step at a time. Have fun.

  4. Hi Everyone! Thanks for commenting. Yes, Pinterest is addicting, between it and Twitter how am I ever to get anything done.
    Bon, I will zip over and take a peek at your blog! Sounds exciting, a brand new baby blog!