Monday, March 4, 2013

Springtime in Alberta!

It's springtime in Alberta and March has come in like a lion. March 2nd saw blizzard conditions rage over this part of southern Alberta. March 3 has been overcast with pretty fluffy snow flakes spiralling down. This afternoon the sun is trying to break through and there are diamond points of light dancing in the snowy landscape. There is still four feet of snow on my garden but I am dreaming of the flowers that are sleeping there. Soon, the vernal equinox will occur. Each fall I track the sun as it journeys across the horizon to rise and set further south each passing day. Then Winter Solstice arrives and in the deep dark nights of cold, the sun begins the journey back again. Only a few weeks into January and already the days are noticeably longer, now in early March it is still light at 6:30 in the evening. The sun rises further north each day. I look forward to the morning I can stand on my die straight east-west road and see the sun rise directly over the centre of it. Come fall and the autumn equinox, the sun will set on the centre line as I face west. There is a hill to the northwest of me and the sun sets directly behind its apex on Summer Solstice. I watch Orion walk across the ebony skies each night when it is clear, the Plieades follow the dawn stars. I saw a bald eagle last week, so spring is almost here. Soon the earth will steam in the warming air, the mist swirling in the tiny currents of air as the earth breaths. Soon, the hawks will return to nest across the road and down the way a bit. I look forward to their sharp hawk cry as it lingers in the dry dusty afternoon air. The magpies are squawking and arguing, soon new stick houses will appear. Young birds building near their parents' nests. Six ravens flew over yesterday, gossiping among themselves. This morning one flew over my head as I came out of the barn gargling his good morning to me. The empty barn swallow nests will soon be filled. Before long tiny open maws will gape down at me and their parents will race in and out of the open upper door. Springtime in Alberta, a time to dream.

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