Monday, August 25, 2014

New Beginnings

Well, lot's happened this year. I have left MuseItUp Publishing and am now published by Books We Love. Laurel's Miracle is now published under the name Laurel's Quest and is available in both ebook and print. Books We Love did a print run so it's not print on demand which means the big stores can order it. A Step Sideways is not A Step Beyond. See the great covers below.

I'm excited about the new opportunity. On a personal note, I just got back from an Alaska cruise with my husband. It was great, saw tons of whales and eagles. Lots of rain and mist. I seem to be the Lady of the Mists. Last September we went to Cornwall, UK and it was misty and downright foggy most of the time. Still had a great visit though. Then on to Alaska and yes...more mist and rain. Liquid sunshine, better to think of it as liquid sunshine rather than liquid snow. Winter will be here soon enough. Even now the days are drawing in. It's just getting light at 6:30 in the morning and the dusk is heavy by 9:30 at night. The long slow slide down to Winter Solstice is well under way. The sun is rising and setting further south each day.

More soon

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