Friday, May 1, 2015

Spotlight on Adam Boustead for Rave Reviews Book Club Bethany Turner Pay It Forward Week by Nancy M Bell

Welcome to Day Four of Rave Reviews Book Club Pay It Forward Week. Today the spotlight is on Adam Boustead. He is the author of Mist Palace Hall One, a lovely book of poetry, as well as Dragon Fireside Tales and Amber Dragon.

A bit about Adam Boustead:
Adam Boustead is a blind author who lives in Hanley, Staffordshire. Mist Palace Hall One is his first collection of poems that he has published on his own.

Lovely ethereal Cover for Mist Palace Hall One

What readers are saying about Mist Palace Hall One:

This book is one of poetry. Adam does a very good job with his writings. Once you begin reading it you will not put it down. All of the poems are very good. It was hard for me to choose my favorites because I liked them all. The three that really stood out for me were: Biscuit & Honey, Autumn's Harbinger and World War II. This is a book worth more than 5 stars and I wish I could give it more. I highly recommend it to all. I look forward to many more books by Adam Boustead.

Fabulous Cover Art for Dragon Fireside Tales

What readers are saying about Dragon Fireside Tales:

Adam Boustead has done a great job in writing this book. It is not in my usual genre but I accepted it and read it. I found that I really enjoyed reading it. It is original and thought provoking. There are short stories in it and some poetry. I love the poetry a lot. The stories will make you think. I enjoyed this book and I wish I could give more that 5 stars to it. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it to all. I look forward to more from Adam Boustead in the future.

Amazing Cover Art for Amber Dragon

What readers are saying about Amber Dragon:

Amber Dragon by Adam Boustead is another you HAVE to read. This is the second book in The Dragon Chronicles and it doesn't disappoint at all. Once you open the book,it''ll grab you and you won't put it down until you finish reading it. Some of the readings you may find disturbing some you will find intriguing but all of it you will find amazing! I have been fortunate in the past to read other books by Adam Boustead and I have never been disappointed in any of his writings. They only get better and better. This book has both short story readings and poems. I always try to choose my favorite but never can do it, because they are all so good. But I do have two poems I like a lot. They are: Wanderer and Sea Song. There are also two short stories I like a lot. They are: Gifts and Caught. I know you will love all of them. When you read them don't try to interpret them, just read them. They will interpret themselves for you. I gave this book 5 stars but it really needs to have many, many more. This book would make a great gift. It would look good on your bookshelf or any library's bookshelf. I have my copy sitting in a special place on my bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone especially if you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, poetry and beautiful writings. I look for much more from Adam Boustead.

You can find Adam on Twitter @Apboustead

Please support this talented author by reading and reviewing his work.

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  1. Congratulations Adam for being selected by Nancy Bell. Enjoy!

  2. Good to know you Adam. I hope you don't mind my lateness, there was just so many rounds to make, and I am now going around to find the ones I missed. I hope you had a fun day. Thank you Nancy for hosting him.