Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Welcome Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author TC Booth!

TC Booth

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TC Booth

Teen Bullying

I rocked big hair and spandex as a teenager. My vocabulary

contained the phrases like totally, no duh, phsyc, take a chill

pill, and I’m sure. Gotta love the 80’s. Things have changed

since then, but one constant the remains a constant among

generations of teens is bullying.

While writing To Be Honest, I researched how bullying today is

different from the days I remember.  The main difference I found

is that today rumors and nasty comments meant to humiliate you

can be posted online for all to see.

Both boys and girls experience bullying.  There are

differences in the way they're bullied, but the outcome is the

Here’s what I found out:

 Boys are more likely to be bullied physically, but girls

are more likely to be bullied by rumors or being left out.

 Girls bully to feel a sense of importance and control.

 Boys usually get bullied by other boys, whereas girls tend

to get bullied by both boys and girls.

 Girls experience bullying on school property more often

 81% of teens say it’s easier to bully someone online than

 70% see frequent bullying online

 90% of teens who have seen bullying online say they ignore

 Girls are more likely to fall victim to online bullies than

The good news is that there is more of an awareness of the

seriousness of bullying today. is an excellent

resource for teens who need support. My character Starla had a

good support system otherwise she may have needed to check it

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  1. Bullying in person is a cowardly act, as it is usually done when the bully has friends around to back him or her up. But the online variety is especially heinous. It has driven some victims to take their own lives. Good luck with the rest of your tour, Tammi. Thanks for hosting, Nancy!

  2. Good to discuss bullying in all forms. Good luck on the rest of your tour. Thanks Nancy for hosting

  3. I HATE when people steal the joy of others and replace it with fear! Thank you for using your writing to address the bullying issue! Good luck on your tour! Thank you for hosting, Nancy!

  4. Bullies are scared. Bullies have serious self-esteem issues. They derive their own sense of worth at the humiliation of others. Today's kids have it worse than in my day. Today they have to contend with the internet. Glad to see this issue being discussed here. Intelligent post, Tammi.

    Thank you for hosting, Nancy.

    1. Thanks. It is an unfortunate part of teen life.

  5. Hello and welcome! Thanks to everyone who is dropping by. Thanks also to TC Booth for spotlighting the issue of bullying which just doesn't seem to want to go away.

    1. Thank you for hosting me today. :)

    2. You are very welcome, Tammi. It is my pleasure.

  6. Glad to see bullying being discussed. I agree with Beem that bullies have self-esteem issues. If you have confidence you have no need to put others down. The internet has made bulling even easier!

  7. Bullying is a big problem and it is, as Michelle pointed out, much easier with all the social media. As Beem noted bullies are often insecure. Back before the 80's and even since, teachers and parents often ignore it or chalk it up to part of growing up. Keep writing about it Tammi!

  8. Yup, bullying has changed in its methods over the years, but the pain it inflicts is still as bad. Being shy when I was younger, I experienced both physical and emotional bullying. I guess it toughened me. Glad you are bringing this serious issue to light.

  9. It's good that bullying is being discussed out in the open more these days - what's so sad is that it's taken so long for the 'networks' (and I do think schools are part and parcel of that) that are breeding grounds for this terrible aspect of anti-social misbehaviour has almost been treated as a rite of passage for so many years. Books like Tammi's can only be helpful in bringing the reality out in the open so kudos to you for tackling such a fraught topic! :-)
    Thanks for having us all over Nancy :-D

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