Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snow in September?? Are you kidding me?

It's been a few crazy days here in southern Alberta. Big late summer snow storm. Yes, SNOW! It has decimated the fall gardens and many trees have lost huge limbs. We had a brief power outage but all is well. The horses spent the nights in the barn, but braved the snowy days. Miss Emily hates to be locked in her stall, but equally hates sleeping in windy snowy weather. She is quite the princess. Some of the sunflowers were twelve feet high and they seem to have survived, the smaller ones are crushed under the icy snow. The sweet peas are still bravely blooming through it all and the pansies are turning their sunny faces upward through the white stuff.

Max isn't sure he really wants to go out and play in the snow. He's giving me the "look".

What a difference a day makes. Below are before and after the snow pictures of the garden flowers.


Sweet pea and tiger lilies.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, wherever you are and bask in the sun.

Till next time...


  1. Hello! I clicked over here from Writers Carnival. I love these pictures. Even the "after" shots are quite beautiful:)

    1. Hi, thanks for coming over! Yes, the snow was beautiful on the flowers but sadly they didn't fare well. We lost a lot of trees to that storm.